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SBL Officer Exam Question Solution 2018


SBL Officer Exam Question Solution 2018 is available here. Sonali Bank written exam and MCQ Test Exam held and Every Candidate searching for Sonali Bank Job Exam Question . In 2018. There are lot`s of Bank job complete there Job MCQ Test and all Job Question Solution are provided by ziggasa.com . Today we uploaded Sonali Bank question with Full Solution . Let`s check below this full Job Question Solution.

SBL Officer Exam Question Solution 2018

Sonali Bank Ltd. (SBL) Written Question Solution is available below. We publish different educational post in our website. Exam question solution is one of the most important concern of our website. Department of Cooperatives has taken exam on 01 categorizes post. It’s a lucrative job and it’s great chance to get job for job seeker. This job is perfect to build up a significant career. Those, who want to work,they should be taken out of this opportunity. Sonali Bank Ltd. (SBL) is a renowned Government bank in Bangladesh.

SBL Officer Exam Question Solution 18

Written Math Solution-2018 Sonali Bank Officer exam:


Amin has 12 pieces of tk 10 and TK 5 notes in his wallet.If the total value of all notes is less than TK 95,what is the maximum number of tk 10 notes that he has?
Amin has 10 tk note be = x
And 5 tk note be =(12-x)
According to the question,
=> x <7
value of x must be less than 7, because the question said how many maximum number of 10 tk note be Amin has
So Answer:6


A, B, C enter into a partnership. A invests 3 times 3 times as much as B and B invests two– third of C invest. At the end of the year the total profit earn 6600. What was B share?
C invest = x tk
B= x2/3=2x/3 tk
 3= 2x tk
Investment ratio of
A:B:C= 2x:2x/3:x
= 6x:2x:3x
Sum of ratio= (6+2+3)= 11
B ‘share = (6600*2/11) =1200 Tk
Answer:1200 tk


A & B can complete a work in 15 days and 10 days resp